Themify Popup

Themify Popup is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to display beautifully responsive pop up windows on any page of your website. You can use it to showcase newsletter subscription forms, promotional announcements, or general lightbox content. You can allow popups to show on the entire site, or on certain posts, pages, categories, specific user roles, or even at specific times (so you don't have to manually disable the popups). It's fully integrated with the Themify Builder allowing you to design any popup layout on the frontend with the drag & drop interface and live preview.

Turn your visitors to subscribers and increase sale conversions with Themify Popup—it's free!

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Popup Styles

  • Exit Intent

    Exit Intent

  • Auto close

    Auto Close

  • Classic Center

    Classic Center

  • fullscreen


  • Time Delay

    Time Delay

  • Slide-out Bottom

    Slide-out Bottom

  • Slide-out Right

    Slide-out Right

  • WordPress Editor Content

    WordPress Editor Content

  • Manual Launch

    Manual Launch


  • Exit Intent
    Exit Intent

    Show popup when viewers try to navigate away from the site.

  • Classic Popup
    Classic Popup

    Show popup with a classic overlay with option to set the popup position.

  • Slide-out

    Slide the popup from either top, left, bottom or right edge.

  • Fullscreen

    Be extreme! Show the popup fullscreen that covers that entire screen.

  • Reschedule popup
    Schedule Popup

    Set the date and time for when the popup will appear. Great for showing promotional popups!

  • Guests or Admin
    Guests or Admins

    Show popups to either guest visitors, logged-in users, or both.

  • Time Delay
    Time Delay

    Set exactly (in seconds) when the popup will appear.

  • Page Viewed
    Page Viewed

    Show popup when viewer has visited a certain number of pages on the site.

  • Scroll Position
    Scroll Position

    Show popup when viewer scrolls to certain position of the page.

  • Launch Popup Button
    Launch Popup Button

    Insert a button to launch popup manually (like a lightbox link button).

  • Popup Dimensions
    Popup Dimensions

    Enter custom popup dimensions for each popup and set custom overlay color.

  • Animation

    Over 40+ animations to choose for opening and closing popup transitions.

  • Show Popup Once
    Show Popup Once

    Do not show the same popup to the same visitor for a certain number of days.

  • Auto Close
    Auto Close

    Close popup automatically after a number of seconds it is opened.

  • Mobile Disable
    Mobile Disable

    Option to disable popup on mobile devices (to avoid SEO mobile penalty by Google).

  • Themify Builder Intergration
    Themify Builder Integration

    Design any popup with Themify Builder or the free Builder Lite plugin. It comes with a few sample popup layouts.

Documentation: Read Popup Documentation for more info